Why Animamoda

  • We sell 100% affordable Made In Italy
  • Animamoda’s outfits fit perfectly your body shape
  • You can find a wide range of good quality clothing
  • It is easy and fast to buy from Animamoda because we offer a total look.

What we do

  • We select clothing from a wide range of Italian brands
  • We personalize the outfits for all the different body shape
  • Our team is always on the look out for new Italian designers and brands to offer you originality and the latest trends


I’ve an apple body shape. My waist is not well defined and my bottom is a bit flat, but I love my thinner arms and legs. In the past I had difficulties finding clothing that suits me. Now with Animamoda’s advice I was able to choose the right clothing and I was able to get a perfect fit.


I work in a bank office environment. Lately I was tired of dressing with the same style day in and day out. I clicked on and love the dresses, stylish and full of details. Just the thing I was looking for.


During the week I wear business suits. On Friday I like to dress casual and feel at ease. At I bought clothing that I feel confortable in and are still elegant. After all Friday is still a working day.


When I buy clothing I want good quality, style and attention to details. At I found all the above at an affordable price. Well Done!


Our Story

It was summer and I was just living day by day.

Things were not going well for me, and they didn’t seem to be improving either. Among other things, I was 174 cm and at 64 kg I couldn’t find clothing to fit me.

Everything I tried was either too big or too small. It felt like I was wearing somebody else’s clothing. I could see it in the mirror, and if I could see it, I was sure that people around me noticed it too. I just wasn’t comfortable with myself.

Then my sister Annaoliva phoned. I told her all about my clothing woes. She knows about clothing, but that summer we were living in two different countries. She was listening with both ears, and thank God she did.

I spoke, and she listened and I spoke more.

Then she told me that it wasn’t that I didn’t have clothing or had nothing to wear (after all I had a wardrobe full of clothing).

She told me that what I had DID NOT FIT ME WELL.

I told her that if I had this problem, a lot more women would probably have the same problem. She said “Yes Vanessa lots of women and lots of men”

Then my sister Annaoliva told me that well designed high quality fabrics give a good fit.

I said to her that it sounds a bit too expensive.

She told me "Not if one knows where to look, or to click".

At that precise moment, both of us (like two proper Italian girls) screamed at each other on the phone.
We had the same idea at the same time. It must have been a sisterly connection. At that precise moment the idea of Animamoda was born: an online shop for quality clothing and good fit at an affordable price.

Our Team

Annaoliva Durigon

Co-founder of Animamoda

I graduated from Marangoni school of fashion in Milan. I worked in International showrooms bringing Italian fashion to those events. I also collaborated with fashion companies to launch new brands and new fashion products. My first love, and still to this day, is advising people what to wear. I like to see people wearing clothing that they like and feel comfortable in them as if they were a second skin.

Vanessa Durigon

Co-founder of Animamoda

I graduated from IADT the National Film School in Dublin with a MA in scriptwriting. I know the importance of having a fast and ready tailored fashion advice that would suit my body shape the best. The world of fashion is big and sometimes can seem too distant and out of reach. Let me walk you through it with weekly postings that will tell and show you the fashions that suit you the best.

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