To know your body shape therefore to dress for your body shape, would give you a good fit and when wanting to look your best, a good fit is imperative.

You achieve a good fit when the clothes you wear conform to your shape with just the right amount of room to let you breathe, while glossing over the unshapely parts without adding bulk to your frame.

We at spend a great deal of time and effort to find clothing that suits each body shape. If you dress for your body shape you will achieve a good fit. We know for a fact that a dress suits one body shape more than another

Also wearing clothing that suits your body shape will make you feel at ease. When you ensure that your garment is for your shape it will be confortable and together with a good quality fabric, your day-to-day activities will feel easier

Last but not least, what you are going to get the most from a good fit is an individual look that makes you memorable. After all, we are all the same, but different.

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