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Nicola Formichetti is the Italian Fashion Director of the Italian label Diesel. He was also the fashion collaborator for Lady Gaga.

He followed the iconic pop star on her world tours, creating for her dresses and costumes. Those memorable dresses were different, unique, and sometime shocking and over the top.


Both at the start of their career, Lady Gaga and Nicola Formichetti knew they needed to stand out. They had one simple goal TO BE NOTICED. And indeed noticed they were.


In 2010 he created the now famous Meat Dress that Lady Gaga wore at the MTV, the Video Musical Award of that year.

It’s clear that Nicola Formichetti was and still is highly creative. Lady Gaga recognised in him energy, ideas and that special power.

Right now Nicola is working as Fashion Director of the Italian label Diesel.

“Diesel is not a brand, so for me it’s about following the latest trends” says Formichetti. “It’s about updating the iconic styles like leather jackets, bomber jackets, denim and jersey sweats.” Nicola is great at mixing street culture and strong message with iconic styles.


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