A few days ago Hazel, our first client, contacted us at All excited she asked us “What am I going to wear?” You see Hazel has been invited to her sister in law’s mid-afternoon wedding in the countryside at the end of June. She was happy and looking forward to it, but worry because she had no clue what to wear. We told Hazel not to worry and that we were going to go back to her with solutions.

Annaoliva and I thought about summer and about Hazel.

Being Italians, we love summer. There is something special about summer that just makes people happy and energized. You can eat Tutti frutti ice creams, watermelons, peaches, and drink Prosecco with your friends at sunset on the seafront. And for this summer the trends are short white dresses, sandals and wedges, sunglasses with sparkles on it and bright colored lips stick.

Then we start to think about Hazel. She has a candle body shape, so she can wear almost everything she likes. She’s the type of fun person that everyone wants to be around, for her living is meant to be enjoyable.

That is what Annaoliva and I focused on when looking between all products for that Hazel dress. And WE FOUND IT

A beautiful dress to wear for a mid-afternoon ceremony, reception, dinner and comfortable enough for the evening dance that probably will go on well into the night. We at wish Hazel to have fun and to come back with lots of pictures for our Facebook page.


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